Cheltenham Triathlon Club (CTC) Rules

1. Membership

1.1 Membership is open to all experienced and aspiring TRIATHLETES who are not members of another Club affiliated to Triathlon England with the following exceptions.

  • University students may compete for their university’s triathlon club while resident at the university.
  • Service or Corporate personnel may compete for their service or unit’s triathlon club

1.2 Aspiring triathletes are expected to complete their first triathlon in their first year of membership.

1.3 When a member joins another club affiliated to Triathlon England they must inform the Committee immediately, this will be deemed a resignation on the date of joining the new club and their membership of CTC will cease.




1.               About this policy

1.1 This policy is in place to minimise the risks to our association through use of social media.

1.2 Social media platforms are provided for members to discuss races, training and general triathlon related topics. We encourage respectful comments and posts which offer information and positive discussion.

1.3 This policy deals with the use of all forms of social media, and all social networking sites, internet postings and blogs which Cheltenham Triathlon Club may use.

2.               Prohibited use

2.1 You must avoid making any social media communications that could damage our association interests or reputation, even indirectly.

2.2 You must not use social media to defame or disparage us, our members or any third party; to harass, bully or unlawfully discriminate against members or third parties; to make false or misleading statements; or to impersonate members or third parties.

2.3 You must not express opinions on behalf of the association via social media.

3.               Guidelines for responsible use of social media

3.1 Be respectful to others when making any statement on social media and be aware that you are personally responsible for all communications which will be published on the internet for anyone to see.

3.2 Be tolerant of posts which are off topic and/or poorly written, and do not rush to take offence.

3.3 If you are uncertain or concerned about the appropriateness of any statement or posting, refrain from posting it until you have discussed it with the association.

3.4 If you see social media content that disparages or reflects poorly on the association, you should inform us as soon as possible.

4.               Breach of this policy

4.1 Breach of this policy may result in suspension or expulsion from the club.  You may be required to remove any social media content that we consider to constitute a breach of this policy. Failure to comply with such a request may in itself result in disciplinary action.