Cheltenham Triathlon Club (CTC) Rules:

1. Membership

1.1 Membership is open to all experienced and aspiring TRIATHLETES who are not members of another Club affiliated to Triathlon England with the following exceptions.

  • University students may compete for their university’s triathlon club while resident at the university.
  • Service or Corporate personnel may compete for their service or unit’s triathlon club

1.2 Aspiring triathletes are expected to complete their first triathlon in their first year of membership.

1.3 When a member joins another club affiliated to Triathlon England they must inform the Committee immediately, this will be deemed a resignation on the date of joining the new club and their membership of CTC will cease.

2. Codes of Conduct (Documents Linked)

Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers

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Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct

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Code of Conduct for Members

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