Cheltenham Triathlon Club (CTC) Codes of Conduct

1. CTC Coached Swim Session Code of Conduct.

1.1 TIME KEEPING – arrive ready on poolside 10 minutes before the session start time so you are there for the Coaches session briefing and you are ready to get into the water at the session start time. If you are late please be mindful that the lanes will have already started the session so make sure you know where you are starting i.e. warm-up, mid-way through a set etc..

1.2 PACING – you should aim to swim at YOUR OWN pace not that of others in your lane. If you are in doubt as to what that should be or which lane you should be in have a word with one of the coaches.

1.3 TIMING – Leave 5 seconds between swimmers to a) avoid the temptation to just keep up with the person in front, b) help you to swim off of your own times, c) to get a clear indication from the clock what times you are swimming and d) no toe tapping/bunching in the lane/lane rage. If you are constantly giving the person in front 5 seconds or more then you need to move ahead.

1.4 FINISH – Always aim to finish at the end of the pool, not 1-2 metres before the end. Move  out of the way at each end so that people behind you can finish and try not to obstruct the pace clocks.

1.5 PECKING ORDER – Sort out the pecking order out within your lane and take into account that this may not be the same order for drills that it is for a set.

1.6 ABILITY – Swim in a lane appropriate to your ability. Be prepared to move around within the lane and also move up/down lanes. This will depend on numbers in the pool, how you are feeling that day or because the coach feels you would be better placed elsewhere.

1.7 SET REST – the coaches work hard each week to set the sessions and the amount of rest during and in between sets is there for a reason. Make sure you know what the rest is take the right amount of time.

2 CTC Facebook Code of Conduct

2.1 This group page provides a platform for our members to discuss triathlon, races, training and general triathlon-related chit chat.

2.2 We encourage respectful and relevant posts and comments that offer information and positive discussion.

2.3 Posts or comments that attack or insult the Club or other members of the group are unacceptable and, thankfully, very rare.

2.4 We would encourage members to show tolerance of posts that are occasionally off topic or poorly written and not to rush to take offence to such posts (i.e. allow yourself a cool down period before you hit ’send’).

2.5 Meanings can sometimes be misconstrued as tone of voice, facial expressions and body language are not easily conveyed over the internet!

2.6 We welcome your contribution and thank you for being responsible.

2.7 No promotional posts/comments about sales or services please