Cheltenham Triathlon Club
For experienced and aspiring triathletes

Date: Saturday 6th December

Venue: Cleeve Hill Golf Club

Time: 7 for 7.30pm eats

Cost: just £15 pp (subsidised by the club - thank you so much). Drinks you buy yourselves on the night. 

Dress: smart (DJ's, posh frocks type thing)

Numbers: we do have limited numbers for this event and places will be allocated on a first come; first served basis. I will keep a reserve list - people do drop out for various reasons so this is very useful.  


1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Facebook or Text Karen (not face to face) if you would like to attend. Definites only please. You must indicate if you are bringing your partner. 

2. Pay me £15 per person no later than Mon 17th November. Cash or cheque payable to Cheltenham Triathlon Club. Please put in an envelope and mark on the front who this is for. 

3. Let me know what your (and your partner) menu choices are - see below. You can put this onto the envelope with your payment if easier. 

NB: If anyone has any special dietary requests please come & have a chat with me in person. The Golf Club are very accommodating but this is easier to sort out face to face.

You can check you appear on the guest list and your menu choices here

Further/final details will be sent out nearer the time and if you have any questions please give me a shout.




Chritmas Menu



Spicy Parsnip Soup

With Crusty Bread

Mackerel Pate

Served on A bed of Mixed Leaves with Melba Toast & Horse Radish Cream

Melon Balls

With/without Port

Game Terrine with Red Onion Chutney


Main Course

Traditional Christmas Turkey

Served with all the traditional trimmings & Roasting Gravy

Beef Bourguignon

Beef cooked in Red Wine with shallots, Smoked Bacon & Button Mushrooms

Salmon Fillet

With A Hollandaise Sauce

Nut Roast with Goats Cheese & Apricot

A selection of Root Vegetables with Mixed Nuts & Apricots

Lamb Shanks** Extra £2.50

With a Rosemary & Mint Gravy

Butternut Squash

Stuffed with Cannelloni Beans, Mozzarella Cheese, Peppers & Tomatoes

Topped with a Pumpkin & Sunflower Crumb

Served with seasonable vegetables, Roast & Mashed Potatoes



Steaming Christmas pudding

Served with Brandy Sauce

Brandy Snap Baskets

Served with Luxury Ice-cream

Rum & Black Cherry Roulade

Iced Hazel & Nougat Parfait

A Delicious Selection of Cheese

With a Variety of Savory Crackers

Coffee & Mince Pies


Christmas Party 2013

A hugely fun and successful event - thanks again to Karen for all the hard work that  made it possible.





Most improved female swimmer:

Nominations: Petra Vymetalova, Elizabeth Haigh and Lola Lewis

 “Swim times have come down because she listens intently to coaching tips; as a result technique has also improved.”
“She listens and applies what she is told which is rare!”
“When she joined she could hardly swim. We thought of sending her away for lessons but the Saturday coaches (and Lola) persevered and what an amazing result. First 1500m OW swim a few months later and nowhere to be seen I n the bottom lane nay more.”
The winner: Lola Lewis

Most improved male swimmer:

Nominations: Marc Roberts, Andy Ford, Tom Harman

“Not quite zero to Hero just yet but he’ll agree he started at zero and has already managed to seriously compete in triathlons. Wow.”
“At the beginning of the year we had him standing in the shallow end dipping his face in the water. Now, thanks in no small part to his extra effort in his spare time, he’s swimming properly in triathlons and improving all the way.”
Winner: Andy Ford

Most improved female cyclist:

Nominations: Petra Vymetalova, Sally Freeman, Sarah Proud, Laura Mulcahy

There was a draw in this one. We couldn’t separate the two.
“Sarah has been out on lots of club rides and has visibly improved. She never gives up and is always determined to keep up with the quicker riders.
“Petra spent last year with her seat too high. Since getting it right she has flown with some great bike-leg performances at Liverpool and in the World Champs.
Winners: Petra Vymetalova and Sarah Proud

Most improved male cyclist:

Nominations: Rob Evans, Julian Bullas, Matt Proud

“He has monstered the time trials (as has Rob Evans). More than this he participates at the club rides and helps others. He has completed some hard core cycling events through the year and also leads and organizes mountain bike trips. In the process he has become a bit of a bike demon, shedding a few stone in the process. Safe to say he is now a bit of a bike addict.”
Hours in the saddle have proven to be what‘s needed; only wish I had the same free time and dedication!”
Winner: Julian Bullas

Most improved female runner:

Nominations: Sarah Roberts, Karen Hilton, Emma Yates, Lola Lewis and Laura Mucahy

“After applying herself to some serious training this year she has come close to 40 minutes for 10k and had the treadmill flying at 16.5kph”
“I could just keep up with her last year; no chance now and my times have actually improved slightly. She has a good forefoot landing and push-off technique, plus high cadence as well.”
“Takes note of all the coaching she has received, works really hard and has consequently improved”
Winner: Laura Mulcahy

Most improved male runner:

Nominations: Rob Evans, James Wilkinson, Julian Goodwin, Josh Hand and Neil Dooley

“Always a good performer, but has excelled this year and been placed well up in several road races. Deserves the award after two years of good effort.”
“James has focused on his running and it shows”
Winner: James Wilkinson

Coach of the year 

Karen Hilton

Triathletes Triathlete of the year (by a landslide!

Petra Vymetalova

christmas-balls 200



Xmas Party Guest List 2014




Guest List £15 paid Starter Main Main
Abby Ord PAID Mackerel Beef Beef
Ade Lockstone        
Alex Davison        
Amy Coole PAID      
Andrew Ford        
Andrew Griffin PAID      
Beccy Williams PAID Terrine Beef Beef
Beckie Swan PAID Mackerel Beef Beef
Becky Drewett        
Becky Freeman PAID Mackerel Salmon Salmon
Ben Spry        
Bill Jones   Soup Nut Roast Nut Roast
Brian Bathgate PAID Terrine Turkey Turkey
Caroline Bell   Soup Turkey Turkey
Chris Dry PAID   Lamb Lamb
Christine Hasaler   Soup Butternut Squash Butternut Squash
Claire Ford        
Clive Gowling        
Colin Watkins PAID Mackerel Turkey Turkey
Dan Hortop        
Danielle Thomas PAID Terrine Turkey Turkey
Dawn Carroll   Mackerel Turkey Turkey
Doug Waymark PAID Soup Turkey Turkey
Elizabeth Haigh        
Ellie Millington PAID Terrine Beef Beef
Emma Foulkes PAID      
Emma Travis PAID      
Gail Beddis        
Gerry Carroll   Mackerel Turkey Turkey
Glenda Lockstone        
Graham Beddis        
Guy Douglas PAID Soup Beef Beef
Hazel Everett        
Helen Lyes PAID Mackerel Beef Beef
Helen Yarnold PAID Mackerel Turkey Turkey
Jez P-J   Melon Beef Beef
Jo Maddocks   Mackerel Lamb Lamb
Josh Hand        
Julian Goodwin PAID Mackerel Turkey Turkey
Karen Hilton   Mackerel Lamb Lamb
Kate Houston        
Kevin Ord PAID Soup Beef Beef
Lola Lewis PAID   Lamb Lamb
Louise Gowling        
Lucinda Hand        
M' Hortop        
Marc Roberts        
Marilyn Miller   Melon Salmon Salmon
Mark Febery PAID Mackerel Beef Beef
Mark Lyes PAID Soup Beef Beef
Mark Stuart        
Martina P-J   Mackerel Beef Beef
Mary Welsh PAID Melon Balls Salmon Salmon
Matt Aston        
Neil Dooley        
Oliver Hilton   Soup Lamb Lamb
Paul Turner PAID Soup Salmon Salmon
Penny Hickson PAID Soup Butternut Squash Butternut Squash
Penny Steytler-Barr        
Petra V        
Phil Gomm        
Piers Cardon PAID Terrine Beef Beef
Richard Dobell PAID Mackerel Beef Beef
Richard Edgerton        
Rob Evans   Melon balls w Port Beef Bourginion Beef Bourginion
Roger Lipscombe        
Rupert Wilkinson PAID      
Sally Freeman PAID      
Sally Mottershead PAID Mackerel Lamb Lamb
Sarah Hussey PAID Soup Turkey Turkey
Simon Clarke PAID Terrine Turkey Turkey
Steve Bell   Soup Lamb Lamb
Steve Jacques PAID      
Steve Jacques PAID      
Steve Yarnold PAID Soup Lamb Lamb
Stuart Barr        
Sue Bathgate PAID Terrine Turkey Turkey
Toby Travis PAID      
Tom Cantle        
Torie Clarke PAID Soup Turkey Turkey
Vicki Donald PAID Mackerel Salmon Salmon
Wai Ming Loh PAID Mackerel Turkey Turkey

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