Cheltenham Triathlon Club
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2016 Standings

10 Mile Time Trial League - Final (7 events)

Scratch League Handicap League
Name Time   Name Points
Julian Bullas (PB^0.4%)


  Julian Bullas 1152
Mat Bissett


  Graham Steer 1152

Stuart Barr (PB^0.6%)

(23:22 on reverse course)


  Mark Febery 1109
Graham Steer


  Stuart Barr 1107
Alex Davidson


  Mat Bissett 1093
Mark Febery


  Alex Davidson 1031
Rich Walklate


  Neil Dooley 1027
Neil Dooley (PB^4.4%)


  Sally Freeman 1009
Tim Besien


  Tim Besien 978
Sally Freeman


  Rich Walklate 959
Jane Wild (PB^1.9%)  


  Jane Wild 883





25 Mile Time Trial League Final (4 events)

(2016 events held on two laps of Toddington - Teddington course)

Scratch League Handicap League
Name Time   Name Points
Julian Bullas (PB^0.7%) 00:58:59   Julian Bullas 1146
Mat Bissett 01:01:44   Graham Steer 1118
Graham Steer 01:04:19   Mat Bissett 1041
Richard Walklate 01:07:33   Neil Dooley 1002
Neil Dooley (PB^3.8%) 01:08:43   Richard Walklate 948
Elly Millington 01:15:26   Elly Millington 904



Combined Handicap Table

Name 10 Mile 25 Mile Total
Julian Bullas 1152 1146 2298
Graham Steer 1152 1118 2270
Mat Bissett 1093 1049 2142
Neil Dooley 1027 1002 2029
Richard Walklate         959 948 1907


Handicap League Explained

The handicap league is based on your performance against the 'standard' times published by the the Cheltenham and County Cycling Club who run the Thursday night time trials. If you achieve the standard time you get 1000 points, if you are faster you get more points and less if you are slower. A detailed explanation of the points and a table of standards is available on the Cycling Club website here and your points on a race by race basis here for each qualifying race.

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