Cheltenham Triathlon Club
For experienced and aspiring triathletes

For a more detailed route description, follow this link to the Map my Ride website:




Hilly 52 mile route (red on map)

Start Lido Car Park. Same route as Bredon Ride to Prestbury, Gotherington Gretton.
Then straight on to Winchcombe
Left turn onto usual route to Stanway Hill
At top of Stanway Hill Straight on towards Stow through Ford then across Xroads (for shortcut 1 right turn towards Cotswold Farm Park)
In Stow turn Right onto A429 towards Bourton
Left turn at Traffic Lights into Bourton (shortcut 1 rejoins here)
Bourton Bus Station on right for toilets and quick tea stop
After Bus Station turn Right into High Street then Left turn over 2nd bridge over River (bourton 10k village centre run route) (for shortcut 2 carry straight on)
Straight on up narrow lane towards Bourton Hill Farm and Sherbourne
(for shortcut 3 1/2 mile after Bourton Hill Farm right fork towards Farmington) (narrow lane take care) Main route continue Straight on to Sherbourne
Follow main road (lane) straight on alongside Sherbourne Park (NT) to A40
Straight across A40 past Lodge Park (NT) then first right turn towards Eastington and Northleach
Follow main road (lane) past Eastington towards Northleach
Down main street through Northleach (shortcut 3 rejoins main route)
Straight on at traffic lights crossing A429
Left turn 1/2 mile before A40 towards Compton Abdale
Straight on in Compton Abdale (spring on left) to Withington
Through Withington village and home via normal Whiteway route

Short Cut 1 (blue on map)

Straight on past Cotswold Farm Park
Straight on across B4068
Left turn at A429
Right turn at Traffic Lights into Bourton (take care busy road)

Short cut 2 (black on map)

Straight on down Bourton High Street
Left turn at A429
Right turn onto A436 Cheltenham (take care busy road)

Short cut 3 (blue on map)

Farmington village then first Left fork towards Northleach passing underneath A40
Right turn into main street through Northleach village

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