Cheltenham Triathlon Club
For experienced and aspiring triathletes
Josh running in the Mayhill Massacre

A dozen of the most fearless, masochistic members of Cheltenham Triathlon Club braved bogs and dizzying inclines in a fun and muddy 8.7 mile race. The first 2 miles were steep up hill, the next 3 miles were muddy, and miles 5 to 7 were both uphilll and muddy. Fortunately, for those who were about to collapse at the mile 7 marker, the last 1.7 miles were all down hill! Phew!

Josh Hand was the first club member to cross the finish line, followed by some great times from everyone in what were very challenging conditions. A slight thaw and rain during the week had made the going significantly softer than last year!

Joshua Hand 01:09:37 David Symes 01:11:04 Kevin Ord 01:13:17 Graham Johnston 01:19:32 Lucinda Neeves 01:22:44 Mikki Storey 01:28:12 Sarah Roberts 01:28:17 Sally Freeman 01:28:29 Andrew Roberts 01:31:12 Elizabeth Haigh 01:37:35 Abi Hawman 01:38:01 Graham Beddis 01:53:19

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