Upton 2015

Upton Tri+ offers you the choice of:

  • a standard distance tri (1500m swim, 40km cycle, 10km run)
  • a sprint distance tri (750m swim, 21.5km cycle, 5km run)
  • a relay option for those wanting to take the team approach
  • just coming along to support and joining in the post triathlon party

Everything is conveniently located in Fish Meadow, just over the river bridge from the scenic town of Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire.  Camping/ caravanning and free parking are also available on Fish Meadow.


Website / Entries : http://www.uptontriathlon.com

Club Results

Sprint Distance

NameCategoryOverall TimeCategory positionPointsBonus points
Graham JohnstonM/O5001:28:091100
Louise NewmanF/O4001:30:181101
Mark FeberyM/O4001:30:411100
Piers CardonM/U4001:31:001100
Kate HoustonF/O4001:34:25290
Beckie SwannF/U4001:45:021100

Olympic Distance

NameCategoryOverall TimeCategory positionPointsBonus points
Jo MaddocksM/O4002:15:221106
Alex DavisonM/U4002:23:111105
Kevin OrdM/O5002:23:431104
Richard WalklateM/U4002:30:05294
Stuart BarrM/O4002:31:11295
Dale MidwinterM/O5002:34:07293
Julian BullasM/O4002:35:10384
Toby TravisM/U4002:35:30383
Mathew BissettM/U4002:35:58472
David SymesM/O5002:36:59382
Andrew FordM/O4002:39:40473
Sarah RobertsF/O4002:41:181102
Elizabeth HaighF/U4002:42:501100
Elly MillingtonF/O4002:43:29291
Simon ReitterM/O4002:46:15562
Neil SewardM/O4002:46:37651
Mat ProudM/U4002:49:31561
Mark LyesM/O5002:51:56471
Julian GoodwinM/O4002:57:27740
Colin WatkinsM/O5003:03:10560
Clive GowingM/U4003:18:26650
Lola LewisF/O4003:42:01380


Date 11 Jul 2015
Registered 13 [View List]
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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