Cotswold 113 2015

Set  in the Heart of the Picturesque Cotswolds, the Swim is a one lap 1.9km in the well known lake 32 based in the centre of the Ashton Keynes water park.

The bike section leaves the water park and heads out the area on a flat and fast course into some of the Cotswolds most beautiful and quiet villages. The route is two laps, and the most outbound point is based at the top of the only real hill on the course – Neils hill in Hannington Wick.

With the event being held in the water park, then the athletes will be treated to a mixture of tarmac and hard pack pathing for the 13miles run that takes in lake side paths as well as local village routes before finishing back next to the lakeside transition in the finishers area.

Both the bike and the run are virtually pancake flat in profile, so this race will suit either athletes new to the distance or more experienced racers looking to hammer a new Middle distance PB.

 **Due to this event selling out the Cotswold Classic 113 event has been added to the the club competition.  Since the events are on the same course the results from both events will be alagamated and 10points given to the fastest over both events and 9 to the second etc..  (if you are able to get entry into both events you could potential pick up points for being both first and second - and bonus points for beating yourself )

Website / Entries :

Club Results Including 113 & Costwold Calssic

* Denotes time from Cotswold Classic Event

NameCategoryOverall TimeCategory positionPointsBonus points
Petra Vymetalova* F/U40 4:30:54 1 10 1
Kevin Ord* M/O50 4:44:11 1 10 5
Peter Fresher M/U40 4:50:34 1 10 1
Mathew Bissett M/U40 4:51:30 2 9 0
Andrew Ford* M/O40 5:06:08 1 10 4
Douglas Waymark* M/O40 5:07:15 2 9 3
Dale Midwinter M/O50 5:13:01 2 9 4
Martin Downward M/O40 5:20:10 3 8 2
Simon Reitter* M/O40 5:22:06 4 7 1
Mark Febery M/O40 5:27:32 5 6 0
Elizabeth Haigh F/U40 5:37:10 2 9 0
Sarah Roberts F/O40 5:37:51 1 10 3
Louise Newman* F/O40 5:46:18 2 9 2
Mark Lyes* M/O50 5:51:42 3 8 3
Steve Yarnold* M/O50 6:02:21 4 7 2
Hazel Everett* F/O40 6:07:29 3 8 1
Kate Houston F/O40 6:07:51 4 7 0
Colin Watkins* M/O50 6:35:41 5 6 1
Chris Dry M/O50 6:46:27 6 5 0


Date 14 Jun 2015
Registered 2 [View List]
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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